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Paul Grover & Associates is a design consulting group specialising in water treatment system solutions. We have detailed knowledge of how to correctly and safely use and apply chemicals such as Chlorine (in all forms), Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone.


Our customers like to work with us, because we have long term experience with building, installing and commissioning systems in a contract environment where the system just has to work. We’ve gotten our hands dirty on site and we know which processes and equipment work and which don’t.


With Paul Grover & Associates, you will get advice from an engineer who knows which system works in your application. We are independent of any vendor or manufacturer and we won’t regurgitate information. Our design solutions will be tailored to your individual application every time. Unlike large firms (who often assign graduate engineers as your project managers), with Paul Grover & Associates, you will be dealing with an engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the water treatment industry.


About Paul Grover


Paul Grover B.E (chem) Hons FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER RPEQ is a chemical engineer with 25 years of industry experience in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of water treatment system solutions. Excellence in design, a fine eye for detail and an uncompromising persistence in offering workable solutions is what Paul promises you. His years of experience in the field and many hours spent on site problem solving, set him apart as a consultant who knows more than just the theory of the matter. Paul’s experience incorporates, but is not limited to, varied work in the food & beverage, industrial, swimming pool, mining and municipal industries. Paul has recently received certification from Engineers Australia to EngExec, Fellow status and from the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland.


One colleague recently had this to say about Paul Grover’s design solutions:

‘In terms of advice vs supply and demand, where else are clients going to obtain answers to these complex questions? I have been in this industry a long time, and I honestly can’t think of anyone, other than Paul offering the solutions. No one else known to me has this intimate detailed knowledge, nor do they seem to have the psyche to undertake such complex, investigative work.’

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